Survey shows VAR optimism

The VARBusiness 2009 State of the Market survey shows that VARs are quite a bit more optimistic than the rest of the country when it comes to projecting their future success. And for those of you who have been in sales at one time or another, this isn't surprising. It's the nature of people in the sales business to be optimistic. Pessimistic salespeople just don't sell much. To be successful as a salesperson of any sort, you have to always expect constant improvement, continuing success, and that your ship is just about to come in. Even if it's not.

But at the same time, VARs don't have their collective heads in the sand, the top concerns according to the survey were the global recession, weak consumer spending, and the credit crisis. VARs are responding to these concerns by seeking out new opportunities, and in some respects, the overall success of the reseller business is contrary to the general economy. With unemployment rising across the board, companies will be looking for more third-party services to fill the gap, and that's a boost to the VAR business--and so perhaps that sunny outlook is justified after all.

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