The Apple iPhone 3G: The 'thin Santa' with a truckload of gifts – The internal features and the external accessories are some of the main features of this mobile device. The user of this widget is given a Bluetooth headset which uses the technology of Bluetooth v2.0. The Safari browser of this mobile phone is given a boost in its performance by the technology of Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g. The overall handling of the phone is made an easy affair using the MAC OS X v10.4.10 operating system.

Songs, videos and many other types of information can be exchanged to and fro between the computer and the 3G Apple iPhone using the technology of USB v2.0. The time taken for doing this task is also not a lengthy one due to using the technologies of EDGE and GPRS. The icing on the cake of transmission speeds is given by the technology of HSDPA.This mobile device is an intelligent one and has many smart features. One of them is the proximity sensor using for enabling automatic turn-off. There is also the feature of the ambient light sensor.

This handset is a touch type gadget with all the features being accessed by touching the screen. The performance in this context is enhanced using the technology of multi-touch input method. The touchscreen itself is also an advanced one with a resolution of about 320 x 480 pixels.The handset is available in two colours and in two different memory capacities. The one which is Black in colour has the option of having either a memory capacity of 8 GB or 16 GB for the user. The white coloured handset, however is available with a shared memory of about 16 GB.Nobody will be lost when he has the Apple iPhone 3G with him. This is due to the features of Google Maps and a GPS receiver. The performance of the latter is given the level of eliteness using the technology of assisted-GPS.This mobile device is also capable of taking nice pictures by using the 2 MP camera. The pictures are quite good with an image resolution which is one of the best. Due to having the feature of an accelerometer, there is no problem in taking the picture while holding the handset in a vertical or an horizontal fashion.

This handset is also a wonderful entertainment device due to having many features which serve the purpose of providing entertainment in a wonderful way. The games that are present on this mobile phone are flexible in terms of being downloadable. The music is handled by the well known device of an iPod which also doubles up as a marvellous video player. Whenever the user receives a call, he can listen to a polyphonic ringtone being played or an MP3 one. The choice depends on him as to which one does he prefer. The messaging features of the Apple iPhone 3G are also quite decent with the present of SMS and Email capability.The ability to function all over the world is a common feature for this mobile device due to using the network frequencies of the 2G network and the 3G network. One is able to use this handset all over the world with all the major locations being covered by one frequency or other of either of the networks.Excellence is one of the major features of the Apple iPhone 3G with its array of awesome assets and its overall usefulness for the user.

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