VAR peer groups a great idea

Ingram Micro's new peer networking program lets SMB solution providers meet face-to-face and online to talk shop, schmooze and just shoot the breeze if they want. The new SMBN Alliance Peer Groups was created by Ingram with the help of Heartland Tech Groups and solution provider Heartland Technology Solutions. Ingram has been going the extra mile with special VAR programs like this one, designed to give VARs a larger forum and more opportunities to network with one another.

Members all meet monthly in an online community, and face to face in small groups every quarter. This is a great idea for VARs, especially smaller VARs, who may not have much opportunity to talk with others in the same business. From my own perspective, I can see the value of programs like this. I work at home, and have been since the '90s, mostly as a commercial writer. I almost never meet anyone who does the same type of work, and most of my clients have never even seen my face. Ingram's got the right idea in creating programs like these for their VARs, who will be able to share ideas, troubleshoot problems, and even get leads from one another.

There is a $100 monthly fee, and regional meetings start in January.

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