Woe! Where is my Mac mini?

Here's the thing about the Internet -- well, really, about all human interaction: if someone talks like they know what they're talking about, you tend to believe them. Even if, you know, you have no real reason to. Bernie Madoff's clients learned this the hard way, and so did I, as I was itching to explore the possibilities of the Mac mini that never came from yesterday's Macworld keynote. But ... but how could that be? Look, some dude, in a forum somewhere, found entries in a kext file that proved new minis (and iMacs, but whatever) were on the way, with NVIDIA chipsets! Could they possibly have been wrong?

Well, maybe, maybe not. Since I was already hanging my hat on a supposed fact from some dude in some forum, why not seek an explanation from some other random person, in a blog comment? "JolandaTydeus" in a comment on a Gizmodo post, says, "Simple reason why no iMac and MacMini: NVIDIA. They still have problems with their chipset and Apple doesn't really want to sell a large number of broken machines."

NVidia's problems over the past year have been well documented, so this makes sense, which of course doesn't make it true. Still, it's enough to get me to hold off for another couple of months, just to see if these promised new computers do appear. My bid on a barely used 2 GHz mini on eBay this evening, defeated at the last minute, was made in a fit of pique, and I shall take my failure to win the auction as a sign to keep the faith.

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