Top 10 viral comedy videos of 2008

Viral videos have become modern cultural landmarks -- memories, for better or for worse, that we will forever associate with specific times in our lives. And what better way to gauge a year than with the moments that made us laugh the most?

We've tracked down the top 10 viral comedy videos of 2008, as gauged exclusively by number of worldwide views -- including both official versions and pirated copies of the videos that may be floating around the Net. The viewing data was collected throughout the year by online video analytics firm TubeMogul and compiled specially for this presentation.

So without further ado, let's start counting down the winners. And watch out, Chris Crocker -- 2008 has some new superstars taking center stage.

10. Sexy! Flashy! Wonky! Super Obama Girl!

She makes male hearts beat faster than a speeding bullet and racks up video views with the power of a locomotive. Tilting the scales at 7.3 million views is Amber Lee Ettinger, better known as Obama Girl, with her clip, "Sexy! Flashy! Wonky! Super Obama Girl!"

The video, showing Obama Girl flying through various adventures in a tiny top and bikini bottom, didn't take long to become a phenomenon in 2008. Ettinger had already gained public attention with her "I Got a Crush...on Obama" debut in '07. Partnering once again with humor site Barely Political, the scantily clad Obama Girl turned her further adventures into an action-hero parable that made the race for the White House instantly more interesting.

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