Tips for creating an IT Service Level Agreement

Do you want to offer an IT service level agreement to your clients, but you don't know where to start?

If you are a small business computer consultant, your most profitable clients will be those on service agreements. Besides knowing your own skills and being qualified to solve important business problems, you need to look carefully at the size and type of companies you intend to serve.

How can you plan your IT service level agreement, so you get more steady, high-paying clients? The following 3 tips can help you build a profitable service agreement business.

#1: Choose the Right-Sized Businesses to Target with Your IT Service Level Agreement. When you are just starting your service agreement business, start small. Start with a client size that you can approach comfortably. This will probably be a business in the 10-50 systems range with one or two servers. They will typically not have wide area network connections and will have basic needs when it comes to business software applications. When you start by targeting smaller small businesses, you can set the stage for larger small business clients.

#2: Keep Up Communication with Clients. In order to develop successful IT service level agreement relationships, you need to remain in constant contact with your valuable clients. Keeping communication lines open through e-mails, phone calls, or drop-ins will help you manage client expectations. If the service agreement is set up properly, you and your technical staff will be at each client site at least once or twice per month. Staying in touch on a regular basis is extremely important if you want to build quality client relationships, and manage and even exceed client expectations.

#3: Surveys Can Help You Evaluate Your Progress. Send surveys out to prospects, customers, and clients as a part of your plan for a profitable IT service level agreement package. Surveys, particularly with clients, work best when sent a couple months before you are ready for contract renewals. You can adapt that schedule to twice per year or even quarterly for more interim feedback. Surveys can be informal, but you need to make sure you keep asking for feedback on a regular basis.

In this article, we looked at 3 tips for building relationships with a compelling IT service level agreement program.Learn more about how you can attract great, steady, high-paying clients with your IT service level agreement now at

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