Used IT equipment becoming a strong market

The traditional school of thought in acquiring IT equipment is to buy brand new equipment from an authorized reseller, but lately there has been a renewed interest in used equipment. For SMBs and SOHO businesses looking for a bargain, this may make a lot of sense, and this interest presents an opportunity for some VARs interested in branching out.

Like any type of equipment, used can present an attractive bargain. In the world of automobiles for example, everyone knows that the minute to drive a new car off the lot, you take a big hit on depreciation. This year, my wife and I purchased a 2007 model, "almost new", and saved a bundle of money--and got a vehicle that was every bit as good as the 2008 model. Much IT equipment is similar in that if it is a year old, it still has value, significant life left in it, and in many occasions, even a warranty.

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