Quiz: He said what? (an oddly informative news quiz)

Who thinks Facebook is a fine way to let folks know they're being foreclosed on? Who isn't afraid of a little competition from Google? Who thinks he's the right chef for the job? Think you know? Take the quiz already!

Rollover the ??? for answers.


The quotes

1. "When you are trying to bake a really great cake, you need one chef who is really pushing things."

2. "I think that Apple could have done a lot to have made it so people wouldn't speculate about Steve Jobs' health."

3. "It's somewhat novel, however we do see it as a valid method of bringing the matter to the attention of the defendant."

4. "There's now a sense of urgency. That's what 'the release candidate is around the corner' means."

5. "It's great to see them get to 1.0 and will mean more choices for users."

6. "They took the family Jesus. How can anybody do that?"


The quoted

A. Mozilla chief executive John Lilly on Google's Chrome browser emerging from beta -- before Google replaced Mozilla's Firefox with Chrome as the default browser in its application bundle for Windows.

B. Gloria Herrera of Richland Hills, Texas whose family trained surveillance cameras on their yard after a teeter-totter was stolen and was surprised when footage showed a teenage girl stealing a baby Jesus worth almost $500.

C. Attorney Mark McCormack on an Australian court's approval of his application to use Facebook to notify a couple that they lost their home after defaulting on a loan.

D. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman explaining why he is reclaiming the CEO job

E. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster on Apple's announcement that Steve Jobs will not be delivering the keynote address at Macworld Expo

F. Dean Hachamovitch, IE's general manager, urging developers to get ready to test their sites IE8.


Answer key

Rollover the ??? to reveal the answers

1 ??? 2 ??? 3 ??? 4 ??? 5 ??? 6 ???
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