Buyer's Guide: Virtual Private Networks

The VPN market is hot. Driven by fear of hackers and the economics of the Internet, VPNs -- which create encrypted data tunnels through the 'Net -- are becoming almost commonplace. Every network manager should be thinking about how to fit them into their short and long-term strategies.

Virtual Private Networks: Viable Products Now

Vendor consolidation, better price/performance and new enterprise features mean good things for your network.

Review: Pure hardware VPNs rule high-availability tests

Nokia tops the lot in reliability and load-balancing performance.

Buyer's Guide: Interactive database

Our database includes VPN products from 23 vendors.

User study: VPN services save money despite stalled implementation

Three users describe the pros and cons of VPN service deployments.

High availability's dark side

The problem with high availability is that it generally tries to make more than one system look like a single box: one IP address, one media access control address.

How we did it

Our testing methods explained.

Interactive Scorecard and NetResults

Use our calculator to see which VPN product would best suite your network needs.

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