IBM, Palm team on mobile offerings

IBM and Palm last week agreed to develop a wider range of business applications for devices that use Palm's signature operating system.

Big Blue said its Global Services division will set up consulting and integration services to work on business applications for the Palm OS platform devices, including IBM's Workpad product and the Palm.Net wireless service. IBM's WebSphere Everyplace Suite -- a series of applications that ease connectivity between mobile devices and the Web -- will serve as the foundation for the project.

IBM will also use its DB2 Everyplace database, VisualAge Micro Edition Java technology and Tivoli Device Manager to bolster the Palm platform.

Last week, IBM announced its WebSphere Everyplace Suite Service Provider Edition middleware, which links wireless devices to Web content. The company also said it will make its existing 175 data centers as well as another 68 planned centers able to offer wireless services. The suite should arrive by year-end.



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