Giving NetWare the SLP

We're using NetWare 5.1 with a pure IP implementation. I'm trying to bring up a NetWare server in a different city in our tree. The install seems to go OK up to the point the server tries to find our corporate Novell Directory Services tree. Regardless of whether I try the IP address or the fully qualified NDS name for the primary server at our corporate office, it won't find the tree. What am I missing?

Via the Internet

First, make sure neither of your routers is filtering any packets. Then go to, where a quick check will give you a good idea of which ports to allow. This could be especially important if you are using a VPN between locations instead of a direct point-to-point circuit.

Check that you can ping the router you are trying to reference for the NDS tree information.

If you don't find any problems with your routers, you will need to make sure that you have SLP -- Service Location Protocol -- installed and configured on at least one of your servers at the main corporate office.

Depending on the size of your network, you will probably want to have a scope defined to minimize the amount of services that you are broadcasting from your main office to the remote office.

In NDS, this will require that you have a Directory Agent and Scope configured at the corporate network.

Once you have things up and running, repeat this same process at the remote end of the network as well.

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