Direct sales to consumers to rise to $1.1T in 2010

Computer World –

One of every four sales of products and services could be direct to consumers by 2010, accounting for revenue of up to $1.1 trillion, compared with $190 billion last year, according to a new survey of 25,000 households released this morning.

That means the number of households using e-commerce and online grocery delivery services will rise from 6 million today to at least 29 million, the survey concluded.

The survey, conducted by Peppers and Rogers Group in Stamford, Conn., and the Institute for the Future, also found that most U.S. consumers -- 75% -- have already used at least one direct-to-consumer channel, such as catalogues or the Internet. But by 2010, significantly fewer households will use paper-based mail and catalogues, whose usage is expected to drop from 67% to 50%. Internet use, meanwhile, will at least triple, from 11% to 33%.

Another significant finding: Consumer who shop direct are better educated and have higher average incomes than those who don't shop direct.

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