Red Hat unveils Linux for Alpha –

Red Hat last week unveiled its Red Hat Alpha Deluxe, the company's Linux distribution for systems based on Compaq's Alpha chip. The operating system will come preinstalled on Compaq's ES and DS AlphaSeries servers and Compaq AlphaStations.

Based on Red Hat Linux 7.0, Alpha Deluxe contains many programming modules tuned to harness the power of the 64-bit Alpha chip, which differentiates it from Red Hat Linux 7.0 for the Intel platform, says Melissa London, spokeswoman for Red Hat.

Alpha Deluxe ships in two CDs that also contain more than 800 individual software programs for the operating system, according to Red Hat's Web site. The operating system will also have a customizable GNOME interface.

Aimed at developers, workstation users and corporate IT departments, Alpha Deluxe costs $79.95. It will be available for download at Red Hat's Web site or can be purchased through select outlets worldwide. Included in the price are 90 days of free Web support and 30 days of free phone support, London says.

Compaq is offering Linux on a number of devices, including handhelds, desktops and servers. Earlier last month, Compaq started bundling Red Hat Linux 7.0 into its ProLiant DL360 and ML330 servers. Red Hat Linux 7.0 was first introduced in September, and includes improved network, security and graphics features.

Compaq will give users a free support period to help with the installation and configuration of the systems. With Linux on the hardware, users should be able to avoid the headache of locating and installing a version of the open source operating system themselves.

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