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Marconi reached a deal to buy Mariposa Technology, a maker of ATM-based integrated access devices (IAD), for $268 million. The deal will give Marconi IADs that sort customer traffic by priority and place it on a single link from customer sites to service-provider networks. Marconi and Mariposa together plan to develop an IAD that supports DSL. Marconi also plans to have its IADs, including its current IP-based devices, managed by its ForeThought software. Marconi was already reselling some Mariposa gear under an OEM agreement announced in May.

RC Networks, a vendor of in-building DSL gear, announced that service provider Edge Connections has chosen the vendor's RC8000 symmetric DSL (SDSL) access concentrators and RC2000 premise devices. Edge Connections of Atlanta plans to install DSL service for business customers in multitenant buildings in 24 markets. The RC8000 runs SDSL from common areas of buildings to tenants over regular telephone wires, supporting voice, video, frame relay and ATM as well as Internet access.

RC Networks: www.rcnets.com

Convergent Networks announced that its ICS2000 broadband voice switch will be deployed by Chicago competitive local exchange carrier Focal Communications. Convergent says Focal chose the ICS2000 broadband switch to cap its investment in traditional local telephony circuit switches and to accommodate growth in dial-up modem traffic. The ATM-based ICS2000 is designed for interworking between circuit and packet networks, and is expected to let Focal offer voice over DSL.

Convergent: www.convergentnet.com

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