New Products – Gone but not Forgotten

A user calls in a panic; he accidentally deleted an important file and then emptied the recycle bin. Now he wants the file back. Executive Software International says it has the answer in Undelete 2.0. Undelete replaces the Windows NT/2000 recycle bin with a recovery bin that creates an instant backup of all deleted files. If a user accidentally deletes a file, he always has the option of retrieving it, even if it originally resided on a network server. Network tools let administrators run Undelete on remote machines and view their deleted files. Administrators can also remotely configure software features, such as the size of the recovery bin. The product lists for $249 for the server version and $49 for workstation licenses. For more information, visit or call 818 547-2050.

Virtually Unlimited Storage

Raidion Systems hopes to increase enterprise-storage flexibility with the Raidion.vss storage area network (SAN) manager. The Raidion device lets storage managers combine network-storage resources into virtual private SAN partitions that can be quickly reconfigured using a drag-and-drop interface, regardless of the network's physical configuration. The system can create snapshot copies of partitions for near-instantaneous backup. SCSI disk arrays can appear as fibre-channel resources using Raidion's bundled bridging feature. Large physical disks can be subdivided into smaller volumes. The system can also build synchronous mirrors for remote sites. Prices start at $75,000. For more information, visit or call 612 906-0900.

Large Linux

The popularity of Linux keeps growing, and Linux distributors keep piling on the updates. SuSE, one of the oldest Linux providers, recently released SuSE Linux 7.0 in both personal and professional versions. The pro version comes on six CD-ROMs and one DVD and offers more than 1,500 Linux tools and packages targeting advanced end users and information technology customers. The software includes everything needed to create Web, proxy, mail, news, print and other types of servers. The professional package also comes with more than 1,000 pages of printed documentation and 90 days of free support. SuSE Linux 7.0 Professional lists for $69.95. For more information, visit

Keep in Command

Anything that helps reconstruct a crashed system can be useful. And Winternals Software hopes that ERD Commander 2000 can be extremely useful. ERD Commander lets administrators create bootable floppy disks, CD-ROMs or hard disks that give new life to dead Windows NT/2000 systems. It boots into console mode, where administrators can initiate repairs and data recovery necessary to get the system up and running again. ERD Commander 2000 comes complete with registry and file editors, and it supports batch files, allowing for predefined repair and recovery scripts. The product lists for $349. For more information, visit or call 512 330-9130.

Outfox Carnivore

The FBI has the technology to examine every e-mail message. Properly equipped hackers can do the same. Now Sigaba Corp. offers a tool that may help keep your private messages private. SigabaSecure works with nearly any e-mail client (including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook and Netscape Messenger) or online e-mail service (such as Yahoo Mail and Hotmail). Users simply click a "Send Secure" button to request a one-time security key from Sigaba's servers. The software then encrypts the message and sends it to the recipient. Enterprises that wish to maintain more control over the process can purchase their own key server to run inside company walls. The service is free for individual users. Enterprise pricing is $1 per user each month with a 500 minimum threshold. For more information visit or call 650 572-6100.

It's No Bug; It's Mozquito

If you're tired of mundane old Web forms, you may want to take a look at Mozquite Factory 1.5, the latest Web development tool from Mozquito Technologies. The Factory includes two components: the Mozquito Matrix, which transforms webpages that include new Forms Markup Language (FML) tags into pages that can be viewed on any 4.0 or later version of Navigator or Internet Explorer, and the Mozquito MozPad, an XHTML editor with integrated validation tools. The product lists for $249. A free 30-day trial is available on the Mozquito website. For more information, visit

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