Industry launches wireless IP group –

Nine of the largest wireless communications companies in the world today announced that they will form a focus group to develop and promote wireless technology based on IP for a third-generation mobile telephone and data transmission system.

The new group, called 3G.IP, consists of British Telecommunications PLC, AT&T Wireless Services Inc., Rogers Cantel Inc., Ericsson Inc., Lucent Technologies Inc., Nokia Corp., Nortel Networks, Telenor AS and Telecom Italia Mobile SpA, according to a press release issued today.

The group will support the development of next-generation wireless services -- including enhanced voice, high-speed data and Internet access, as well as imaging and videoconferencing -- on an IP-based network architecture.

The companies plan to develop the IP-based system using Wireband Code Division Multiple Access and enhanced data rates for global evolution broadband interfaces. They will also propose standards for handsets that will use those technologies.

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