Cisco unveils ATM products

Computer World –

Cisco Systems Inc. in San Jose, Calif., today announced five new Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) products aimed at lowering network operating costs and complexity.

The products were designed to help enterprises bring IP and ATM networks and applications into one network, analysts said.

The products feature an eight-port network module for inverse multiplexing over ATM. The module will be available next month and starts at $8,000. An ATM switched virtual circuit signaling interface module is available for $1,500.

The other products are enhancements for Cisco's Catalyst 8500 series router:

  • A high-capacity module that handles OC-48 speeds (a single Synchronous Optical Network channel of 2.4G bit/sec.)
  • An ATM router module.
  • Daughter cards for Layer 3 access control and an eight-port Gigabit Ethernet line card.

Cisco said it has sold $2 billion in ATM-related equipment this year and holds the No. 1 or No. 2 position in several major categories of ATM gear.

Vertical Systems Group in Dedham, Mass., puts the ATM networking hardware market at $7 billion in 2001.

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