On the Datatrail

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1 All households/addresses in the United States received a census form.

  • One in six got the long form
  • 67% of 145 million households responded
  • 99.93% of respondents mailed their forms back
  • 70,000 respondents filed electronically

2 All forms were mailed to one of three data capture sites.

3 Forms were scanned two ways:

  • By bar code to register who responded (census-takers were sent to homes of nonrespondents)
  • By OCR/OMR to capture data (this worked 90% of the time - 10% of forms were keyed by hand)

4 Data was sent to Census headquarters in Suitland, Md., for analysis. Granularity of data captured:

  • National
  • State
  • Regional
  • District
  • Community

5 Results will be sent to the president at year's end and then posted on the American Fact Finder website at factfinder.census.gov.

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