Novell's multiprocessing support –

Novell's efforts at multiprocessing have been largely unsuccessful so far. NetWare 4 had multiprocessing support, but according to users, it didn't work very well. The company is planning to launch its first symmetrical multiprocessing system with NetWare 6, code-named "Six Pack."

NetWare 6 will offer support for up to 32 processors per server, and will include file and print services, Novell Storage Services, Novell Directory Services 8.5 and Novell's Java Virtual Machine.

Users have been anxiously waiting for more than two years for a multiprocessing version of NetWare so they can consolidate server systems by just adding more processors. Most of the servers Dell and Compaq ship today have more than one processor. Novell so far has been able to test performance on a 16-way server.

NetWare 6 will ship in the first half of next year.

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