Pipeline - News Briefs for week of April 13-20

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Seagull sells fast silicon savvy to Cisco -- Cisco Systems Inc. announced a definitive agreement to acquire a wholly owned subsidiary of privately-held Seagull Semiconductor Ltd. The acquired subsidiary comprises Seagull's core technology development team. Based in Herzliya, Israel, Seagull is a developer of high-speed silicon technology. Cisco is hoping that the high-speed silicon expertise brought by Seagull's development team will help accelerate the development of terabit performance routers.

Layer 3 switches booming -- US organizations will spend more than $19 billion on 100M and 1G Ethernet in 2004, according to a market research study released by Infonetics Research Inc. More than half of the spending will go to layer 3 switches, said Infonetics analyst Michael Howard. The study indicated that 70 percent of surveyed technology adopters plan to adopt layer 3 switches by 2002. This is said to confirm assertions that layer 3 will be a viable alternative to traditional multiprotocol routers.

Set-top box tops NAB agenda -- Although its efforts do not garner the attention they once did, Oracle Corporation is still actively seeking ways to further the state of the art of video-on-demand technology. As company founder Larry Ellison spent a spell at broadcast technology pioneer Ampeg, this is understandable. At the recent National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas, Oracle joined with diverse technology providers to demonstrate a new solution for interactive TV. The goal is the production of more personalized and interactive product offerings in the digital television arena. Known as iTV, the new offering features media streams that can be individually controlled and manipulated. Marconi, Motorola, SGI, and ViaGate worked with Oracle to create iTV, which employs SGI's Origin 200 server, the Oracle Video Server for distributing content to a network, Marconi's ASX-1000 ATM, ViaGate's ViaJet A400 modem and A406 residential gateway, and Motorola's Streamaster set-top client.

More news from NAB -- Apple announced that it has acquired DVD authoring software products and the associated underlying technology from Astarte GmbH, a developer of DVD authoring tools. Astarte's DVD engineering team will join Apple as part of the acquisition ... Entera Inc. and Discreet, a division of Autodesk Inc., announced a strategic technology alliance to provide an end-to-end workflow solution that integrates the steps of creating, authoring, publishing, and retrieving streaming media over the Internet. The alliance combines Entera's TeraCAST streaming software with Discreet's authoring, encoding, and publishing technology ... Microsoft unveiled Windows Media Technologies 7. The company claimed that customers can use the product to realize the promise of Internet broadband with broadcast-quality video, CD-quality audio, and end-to-end secure content distribution ... RealNetworks announced that InterPacket Networks Inc. will deploy RealNetworks broadband-enabled RealSystem G2 for transmission of Internet media over its international satellite broadcast edge delivery network.

In case you missed it department, or "I can stream, can't I?" -- A Website dedicated to teaching new and experienced video enthusiasts the basics of streaming media has come online with the catchy moniker iCanStream.com. The site includes content that promotes a better understanding of the complete process of shooting, editing, and streaming video over the Internet, and is sponsored by a new streaming media alliance that includes Canon USA Inc., Beatnik Inc., and Kensington Digital Fridge.com.

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