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Palm Typist

Entering text into a Palm Pilot can be a chore. The Graffiti handwriting system works, but it takes a long time to master. And the hunt-and-peck keyboard makes for slow going. Textware Solutions has what it claims is a more speedy solution. FitalyStamp for Palm organizers lets users pick letters off a special overlay that fits on the Palm text-entry area. The overlay includes a special keyboard that purportedly places 84 percent of the most commonly used letters within a 3/8-inch radius, making it easier to find the letter you need. Textware claims that text-entry speeds of 50 words per minute or more are possible. The product costs $35. For more information, visit or call 781 272-3200.

Silent Watcher

How much time do employees spend doing personal jobs on the corporate network? Probably more than you'd like to know. SurfControl may be able to help stem the bandwidth flow with SuperScout 3.0, the latest release of the company's Internet filtering and bandwidth management tool. SuperScout's filters read from a regularly updated list of some 1.4 million sites, identified by category. Administrators can determine what kinds of sites employees can visit and when. The product can also restrict bandwidth usage by file extension -- for instance, limiting bandwidth for MP3 files on music sites while allowing full-bandwidth streaming video from news providers. The product also provides real-time monitoring as well as more than 45 status reports. The product costs $1,195 (or $1,690 with the addition of Virtual Control Agent) for a 50-user license. For more information, visit or call 831 431-1800.

Storage Solution

Exabyte Corp. has unveiled the 430 M2 tape library, a 1.8-terabyte (maximum) storage system designed for departmental and workgroup applications. The system takes up five units of rack space and offers as many as four M2 tape drives and 30 cartridges. The system comes ready for Ethernet connections and includes Exabyte Library Monitor software. Fibre Channel interface options are also available. The drives are filed upgradable, and the library is compatible with major third-party applications. List price for the 430 M2 begins at $22,000. For more information, visit or call 800 445-7736.

Account4 Everything

If you're looking for a new professional services automation (PSA) tool, Account4 may have what you need. The company recently unveiled Release 4 of its browser-accessed PSA tool. The new version includes a number of enhancements, including expanded contact management, opportunity management, revenue opportunity forecasting, a variety of new billing types (based on time, material, expenses and fixed price), the capability to create resource teams and more. Using the product requires no client-side software beyond a basic Web browser. Account4 Release 4 lists for $625 per user with a minimum of a 50 user license. For more information, visit or call 617 964-1633.

Working Together

Server failure isn't a joke. But developing a clustering solution that provides reliable redundancy can be expensive. PolyServe wants too offer a more economical solution. The company's LocalCluster software combines two servers into a cluster that supports load balancing, IP failover, file replication and automatic reintegration of a failed system that becomes operational again. LocalCluster also provides service monitoring for Web, e-commerce and other Web-based applications. Administrators manage the system via a Java-based console. The product is available for Linux-based systems, but versions for Sun Solaris, Windows 2000 and FreeBSD are under development. Pricing begins at $999 per server. For more information, visit or call 510 665-2970.

Buy, Buy, Buy

Application service provider ePlus has unveiled the 3.0 version of its online procurement product, Procure+. Part of the ePlus supply-chain suite, Procure+ allows companies to create an automated procurement process that supports multiple vendors (through XML links to any catalog or exchange), standardized templates, cost-center tracking and a budget module that lets users compare current, pending and committed purchase orders to quarterly and annual budget numbers. The product also includes ePlusMarket, an online marketplace for purchasing office supplies, computer equipment and more. There is a subscription fee based on the total number of users. The minimum fee is $5,000 per month. For more information, visit or call 800-827-5711.

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