IBM does a deal -- for Linux only

What a deal. IBM recently released a product bundle called IBM Small Business Suite for Linux Version 1.6. It includes:

  • Lotus Domino Application Server for Linux V5.0.4.

  • Lotus Notes for Windows V5.0.4.
  • IBM DB2 Universal Database Workgroup Edition for Linux V7.1.
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server for Linux V3.0.2.
  • IBM HTTP Server for Linux V1.3.12 (a.k.a. Apache).
  • Lotus SmartSuite for Windows.
  • IBM WebSphere Studio Entry Edition V3.0.2.
  • Lotus Domino Designer for Windows V5.0.4.
  • IBM WebSphere Homepage Builder for Linux V4.0.

This is a lot of serious software -- but for $475, it is remarkable. And given that it is from IBM, we have to give up "remarkable" and upgrade to "astounding." If it were not for Linux, this bundle would cost around $3,500.

This looks a lot like a strategic move by IBM to build its Linux business base and make Linux adoption easier for IT shops. Perhaps the suite should also be subtitled "Revenge for OS/2" but that's really a Backspin column.

This story, "IBM does a deal -- for Linux only" was originally published by Network World.

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