Golf advice -- Keeping the Faux Pas Below Par

WONDERING WHY nobody called you back after that recent "get-to-know-you" golf outing? Maybe it was something you said or did -- or didn't say or do.

Now that golf courses have become a prime setting for cutting business and career deals, more CIOs are paying attention to their fairway etiquette -- or lack thereof. For the manners-challenged, Mr. Golf Etiquette ( has the answers.

The website, which averages 40,000 to 50,000 visitors a month, was founded by Jim Corbett, vice president of business development for VersusLaw, a law research company located in Redmond, Wash. Corbett has discussed more than a few business matters on the nonhyperlinks, but worries that many duffers are blowing potential opportunities. "Not everyone can be a great golfer in that they will hit a score below par. But everyone can be a great golfer in how they act on the course toward their fellow golfers, toward the course and toward the game itself," says Corbett.

There is no charge to visit Mr. Golf Etiquette or to submit questions. Here are a few tips from the site:

* Be invisible (including your shadow) when someone is hitting.

* If the caddie does a good job, you should reward him with a decent tip.

* Walk, don't run.

* If you are driving a motorized cart, proceed at a moderate speed and keep your eyes open for other golfers.

This story, "Golf advice -- Keeping the Faux Pas Below Par" was originally published by CIO.

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