JavaServer Pages specs unveiled

Sun Microsystems Inc. yesterday released the 1.0 specification for JavaServer Pages (JSP) -- technology to help developers build Web pages that combine content from a wide range of data sources.

Developers can insert Java code into the tags in an HTML page. When the HTML page executes, a server-side Java component called a servlet is generated. The servlet can perform a wide range of functions, such as making calls to a database, looking up text files or generating counters on a Web site.

"JavaServer Pages is just beginning to be picked up by some companies," said Daryl Plummer, an analyst at Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner Group Inc. "It allows you to embed Java source code into HTML documents and then to render HTML on the client side.

"You can actually have Java function rendered as HTML -- but without having to write a whole lot of Java or having to understand the scope of a Java program. You just write some business function in there."

Microsoft Corp.'s Active Server Pages provides similar functionality, dynamically creating HTML based on server-side script, in a Windows-based environment.

Sun released the JSP 1.0 specification this week and expects an alpha implementation of it to be ready within a month, product line manager Bill Roth said.

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