iPlace or Yours?

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THEY SAY THE GRASS is always greener in someone else's yard, and with iPlace (www.iplace.com) you can find out just how much greener. Enter your address in the site's valuation program, and the site presents you with real-time information about properties around it, including the date they were sold and how much they cost. iPlace gives access to the average age of the residents, typical housing type and even average income in a specified neighborhood.

To use the site's more advanced tools, such as getting a credit report or tracking finances, you must enter a social security number and other personal information. The privacy policy states that this information will not be given out without your consent. In an effort to avoid concerns about divulging private information, iPlace gathers an opt-out policy in its privacy section that links users to a website explaining how to keep their information anonymous. Robert Wheeler, iPlace's chief privacy officer in Orange, Calif., says, "We have not experienced any major [privacy] problems on our side. We're up front about how we're going to use the information once we gather it."

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