CA pushes business apps

Computer Associates International Inc. is working to establish a common brand name for its various business applications, competing with well-known companies such as SAP AG, Oracle Corp. and PeopleSoft Inc.

CA's new brand has been baptized interBiz, and Friday the company announced that Prestige Software International has changed its name to interBiz Financial Group.

Prestige Software, based in Islandia, N.Y., was established in April 1996 as the division for CA's enterprise resource planning system, Masterpiece, and of CA-HRisma, a human-resources application.

Last month, CA combined two companies into the interBiz Supply Chain Group, and more interBiz groups will be announced, according to Laura Hill, senior vice president at the interBiz Financial Group. The various interBiz groups operate under the interBiz Solutions division.

The reorganization has been done in large part to allow the interBiz groups to work together and take better advantage of CA's BizWorks Framework, according to CA. This software architecture is designed to allow for greater interoperability among CA business applications, and between CA software and third-party applications, Hill said.

BizWorks is built on CA technology such as Unicenter (systems management software), Jasmine (object-oriented database) and Neugents (neural network technology for analyzing and forecasting).

"So far it is mostly about marketing hype, although CA will state otherwise," said analyst Jean-Luc Alarcon, head and founder of market researcher Spex LLC, which is partly owned by Meta Group Inc.

"The companies have been working independently for years, and it will take time for that to change," Alarcon said. Also, it will take time to get the BizWorks Framework incorporated into various products, he added.

Alarcon, however, said it makes sense for CA to try to establish a link between the Unicenter systems management software, which has a strong market presence, and the less- known and used business applications. CA also needs to do a better job cross-selling the applications to customers in order to get their installed base up, he said.

This story, "CA pushes business apps" was originally published by Computerworld.

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