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What would you say are the keys to getting your IS teams to work effectively with the marketing and other non-technical teams that are involved with e-commerce projects?

Ragunas: The idea is for us to understand what the business drivers are and apply technology where it's appropriate, as opposed to bringing in technology then searching for a problem. We've developed a strong project management and program management skill set that is really focused on bridging the gap there and working directly with folks in the business side around understanding requirements and the needs of the business.

Grim: I'm from the business unit side and the change I've seen over the last five years relative to how IS and the business units interact is that for each project, we have integrated a lead technology person into the core team. That person's job is to tap out to technology utilities, in effect. The other change I've seen that's been incredibly effective is that the technology group has relationship leaders, which are constantly tapping into the business unit requirements. And those two additions have improved the teaming, the communication and the quality of the end result.

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