Broadband Boost –

The government of Singapore has engaged in a second round of telecommunications infrastructure development, with the goal of providing broadband access (5Mbps) to both homes and offices. This move should make Singapore an attractive site for hosting global businesses' Asian operations.

The government's Infocomm Development Authority recently announced that the access would be achieved through a variety of technologies, including upgrading the existing digital subscriber line infrastructure and extending the use of cable modems.

The government will also encourage deployment of direct fiber-optic access for all end users. Most commercial premises, representing 10 percent of the country's buildings, already have fiber to the building (FTTB) or to the curb (FTTC). By 2005, 25 percent of all buildings should have FTTB.

In addition, the government plans a wider role for local multipoint distribution service for wireless broadband networking. Trials are currently under way, and the spectrum will be licensed this year. In 2002, the government will also reconsider direct satellite-to-home delivery, which is currently banned.

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