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CNT launched a consulting service last week that would integrate products from multiple vendors into an enterprisewide storage-area network (SAN). The company's SAN Services specialize in the interoperability of routers, switches and telecommunications over WANs. CNT will work with any host system, storage array or tape library. CNT's SAN Services begin with a SAN Assessment and then work toward a SAN deployment that includes design, verification, integration and testing in CNT's SAN Integration Lab. SAN Services pricing depends on customer configuration.


IBM last week announced two Ethernet adapters aimed at offering server customers improved security and performance. The Gigabit Ethernet SX Server Adapter supports 1000M bit/sec Ethernet LANs and PCI 2.2-compliant, 64-bit, 66-MHz server buses. With optional support for Jumbo Frames, packet processing overhead can be reduced even further, improving throughput and efficiency, IBM says. The IBM 10/100 Ethernet Server Adapter offers network security features such as IP Security encryption and decryption of data packets as they are sent and received over the LAN. The adapter's onboard encryption coprocessor off-loads encryption from servers to free system resources for other critical server tasks. Both adapters support packet prioritization (IEEE 802.1p) and virtual LANs (IEEE 802.1Q), helping to optimize performance for crucial applications.

The adapters will be available Nov. 17. Pricing starts at $95 for the Ethernet Server Adapter and $635 for the Gigabit Ethernet SX Server Adapter.


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