Been There, Done That


Irene Sez has accomplished some major feats in the past two decades: She secured the Miss Universe title in 1981, served as mayor of Chacao, Venezuela, in the '90s and for a time was a front-runner in the 1998 Venezuelan presidential election. She's credited with significantly reducing crime, corruption and bureaucracy in Chacao. In her spare time, she studied political science and municipal government, and had a baby.

But in June 2000, Sez really got in on the action by joining a dotcom. She signed on with Miami-based Conectadas and writes each month for the family and business sections of the site, which is geared toward Spanish and Portuguese-speaking women. At a conference last summer, Sez said the Internet offers the perfect platform to empower women and maintain an open relationship with the public. Doing her part to maintain this openness, Sez posted exclusive photos of herself while pregnant and the baby boy she delivered just three days after the conference.

This most recent venture promises to be as challenging as governing a midsize city, given that many players are entering the Latin American-oriented market and only 2 percent of Latin America was online at the end of 1999.

This story, "Been There, Done That" was originally published by CIO.

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