CA takes aim at storage –

Computer Associates International Inc. today outlined its new Storage Area Network Integrated Technology Initiative, which bears the acronym SANITI and is aimed at offering a SAN management framework for companies struggling with incorporating hardware and software from disparate vendors.

CA's Unicenter TNG framework will be integrated into the SANITI initiative, allowing network administrators to manage Fibre Channel hubs, storage devices and SAN routers from a single point, said Yogesh Gupta, CA senior vice president of product strategy.

SANs use hubs, switches and gateways to create high-speed storage networks designed to overcome bottlenecks that occur with more traditional storage methods, such as those using legacy SCSI architecture. Various vendors have jumped on the SAN trend, and most of the companies entering the fledgling market have opted to use Fibre Channel-based networking products.

One commonly cited advantage of SANs is that they allow companies to share data across a network regardless of the computer system or software applications used. But SAN management has been troublesome for some users who want to be able to more easily manage the storage network as part of the overall corporate network infrastructure, not separately, according to Gupta.

Other vendors participating in SANITI include Compaq Computer Corp., Dell Computer Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., Hitachi Data Systems, Intergraph Corp., Legato Systems Inc. and Siemens Computer Systems.

CA, in Islandia, N.Y., will demonstrate SANITI at its CA World conference in New Orleans starting July 18, Gupta said. The company will highlight the initiative and other SAN technologies during the conference.

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