U.S. to have 133M Internet users next year

Computer World –

The U.S. may have the most Internet users of any nation, but it's only fifth in users per capita, according to the "Computer Industry Almanac" in Arlington Heights, Ill.

The almanac estimates that at the end of last year, America was home to more than half of the world's 150 million Internet users. The almanac projects that there will be more than 133 million Internet users in the U.S. alone next year, which will be about 42% of the expected 318 million global total. The numbers count adults who use the Internet at least once per week, the almanac said in a statement released today.

Looking further ahead, the U.S. should be home to more than 207 million Internet users in 2005, or 29% of the world's total Internet users, the almanac said.

Tops in per-capita Internet usage at the end of last year: Iceland, with 320.3 Internet users per 1,000; followed by Finland, 305.4; Norway, 304.1; and Sweden, 289.8. After the U.S., with 283 people per 1,000: Australia, 234.1; Canada, 211.5; New Zealand, 190.1; Denmark, 178.6; Singapore, 140; Switzerland, 138.2; the U.K., 137.3; the Netherlands, 124.8; Hong Kong, 98.7; and Israel, 95.7.

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