Windows 2003 "run as" feature

Microsoft Windows "run as" feature allows you to run different

application and services under alternate credentials, while maintaining

an existing logon with a different set of credentials. This feature

allows you to perform administrative tasks while logged on to a server

or workstation as a member of another group that with lower rights.

To take advantage of the "run as" feature, you will need to first ensure

that the Secondary Logon service is started and configured to start

automatically when the machine boots up. To do this you will need to

open up the Services section of the Computer Management MMC snap-in and

find the "Secondary Logon" service. Right-click on the service and

select Properties. Verify that the "Service Status" is set to

"started". If not, click the "Start" button. Also, verify that the

"Startup Type" is configured for "Automatic". This will cause the

service to start automatically whenever the machine boots.

After you have configured the Secondary Logon service, you will be able

to start taking advantage of its features. To use the "run as" feature,

you can either right-click an application while holding the SHIFT key

down and select "run as

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