Windows Storage Server 2003

Microsoft has developed a version of its Windows Server 2003 Operating

System that will actually compete with itself. You may be asking - "how

is that possible?" Well, Microsoft has recently released its new

version of its Windows Server 2003 Operating system geared towards the

network attached storage (NAS) marketplace called Windows Storage Server


Windows Storage Server 2003 (WSS) is Microsoft's solution to the growing

need for companies to consolidate the number of file and print servers

that are beginning to accumulate in data centers around the world. This

product, if successful, could actually erode Microsoft's share of the

server market. Now I may be jumping the gun here, and I am sure there

are already many of you who are firing up your e-mail to send me a

message about how crazy this sounds - but it is possible - at least


WSS is a network attached storage (NAS) operating system that enables

original equipment manufacturers to build appliances that provide

dedicated file serving capabilities and storage on the network. This

new version of W2K3 is available only through OEM's (i.e. HP, Dell,

etc). The operating system is a headless OS that allows network

administrators to take advantage of the power of W2K3, yet without much

of the overhead of a full-blown server.

Adding a Windows Storage Server 2003 appliance to the network allows

businesses to consolidate multiple file servers into a single more

powerful NAS device, thus reducing the footprint of full-blown server

devices in your data center as well as the associated maintenance, power

costs, labor costs, etc. Additionally, this "headless" appliance is

remotely managed through a Web-based user interface for the minimal

configuration tasks required for setup. Microsoft states that NAS

devices that are being developed with the WSS operating system can be

deployed in under 15 minutes.

You can find out more about Windows Storage Server 2003 at:

Join me next week when we dive into some of the advantages of Windows

Storage Server 2003.

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