Longhorn and Avalon

Over the course of the last five weeks, we discussed Microsoft Windows

Storage Server 2003 and the associated benefits and technologies

associated with it. This week, we start a discussion on Microsoft's

next major release of Windows, codenamed Longhorn, which will come

packaged with a number of new technologies that you need to make sure

you know.

One of the new technologies being release with Longhorn is the new

presentation subsystem, called Avalon. Avalon is positioned as a new

graphics subsystem that serves as a foundation for Longhorn's shell.

Avalon will also come with a full set of the user interface components

for Longhorn. By integrating user interface (UI), documents, and media

into the next generation of interactive client applications and

experiences, Longhorn will achieve a more unified approach, as well as a

fully integrated development and user experience.

Avalon will better utilize the power of the PC throughout the graphics

stack, bringing designers directly into application development.

A major capability of Avalon is its support for XAML (Extensible

Application), which provides a one-to-one correspondence with the object

model within the presentation layer of Longhorn, with its key role being

to enable interoperation between UI authoring tools and developer tools.

Avalon will also provide built-in support for recent advancements in the

Windows OS, such as the Tablet PC and the Windows XP Media Center

Edition operating systems.

Join me next week when we talk about how to use the "run as" feature in

Windows Server 2003.

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