Outlook Web Access in Exchange 2003

The new version of Outlook Web Access looks and feels much more like the

standalone version of Microsoft Outlook, and makes for a nice service to

offer your user base.

With the release of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft has

released an updated version of its Outlook Web Access (OWA) components.

This new version of OWA looks and feels much more like the standalone

version of the Microsoft Outlook 2003 client.

After installing Exchange Server 2003 on a server running IIS, you will

automatically have some additional virtual websites that allow you to

access your OWA server just by typing in the name of your web server,

similar to http://www.yourwebserver.com/exchange. This will

automatically prompt you for a valid username and password, and then

launch the OWA client inside a browser window (see Figure 1).

You will immediately notice the similarities between OWA and Outlook.

For example, the folder list view at the left or even the preview pane

capabilities at the right. The new OWA allows for all of the standard,

and convenient, right-clicking capabilities. For example, if you want

to delete an item, you can select the message and hit delete on your

keyboard or you can right-click and select delete. You can also drag

and drop messages between folders.

Additionally, when you create a new message, the message is opened in a

new browser window and looks very similar to a new message window in

Outlook (see Figure 2). If you click on the

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