Windows in the Enterprise - A whirlwind 2003

Well, 2003 is finally coming to an end and I thought that it would be

appropriate to review the vast number of subjects and technologies we've

covered over the last 12 months.

We started the year with a multi-part series on Project Management,

which is useful for any serious system administrator. Mixed throughout

the year, we discussed a number of useful administrative utilities from

the Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 resource kits including TaskKill,

TaskList, PathPing, LogEvent, DumpEL, and DirUse, just to name a few.

We did a large 19-part series on scripting using VBScript and Windows

Scripting Host, starting with an introduction to scripting and the WSH

environment and ending with the utilization of command line parameters.

I have to admit, this series received the most feedback and questions -

thank you!!

Have a safe, healthy and wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!!

Stay tuned to Windows in the Enterprise in 2004 because we have many

more interesting things to introduce, explore, and learn about.



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