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Similar to one-dimensional arrays, you access the data in multi- dimensional arrays in much the same way you assign data to multi- dimensional arrays.

Accessing a Two-Dimensional Array

Accessing Data in a Two-Dimensional Array

Ready to create an array of stir-fry ingredients? Okay, here we go.


The array has been created and populated.

Now, let's access the data.

This program prints all the elements of a two-dimensional array by going through them with a while loop. Here's the code: while (Count<=4) { document.write("

" + StirFry[Count][0] + ", which is/are " + StirFry [Count][1] + " in color.") Count++ } Access each of the elements in the two-dimensional array by a statement like StirFry[Count][0]. Count is the element of StirFry that's relevant, while 0 or 1 is the number of the needed element in the array that fills the Count space in StirFry. You may find it helpful to think of Array[n][p] references in terms of coordinates: The first number is the "down" coordinate, while the second coordinate is the "across" coordinate.

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