Yahoo Delivers Mail for Small Businesses

With the unveiling of Yahoo Mail - Business Edition, a service aimed at

small businesses and basement entrepreneurs, Yahoo Inc. is expanding

its premium service options and diversifying its revenue stream.

The premium e-mail service offers small businesses a branded address,

such as, for a starting price of US$9.95 a

month, plus a $25 startup fee. Under the $9.95 plan, businesses receive

five e-mail accounts with 25M bytes of storage and centralized e-mail

account administration. The service can be expanded to 200 e-mail


Yahoo's business edition features Spamguard anti-virus protection

through Symantec Corp.'s CarrierScan Server technology, as well as

Yahoo Address Book and Yahoo Calendar. The service also eliminates

banners and taglines from e-mails.

Yahoo Mail - Business Edition is currently only available in the U.S.

In addition to broadening the company's small business offerings, which

already include online marketing and promotional services and e-

commerce opportunities, the new mail service provides another potential

revenue stream for the strapped Internet company.

Although Yahoo's third-quarter earnings met analysts' expectations,

sending its stock price surging after the results were released Oct.

10, the company still widened its losses for the period.

The ad market slump has taken a financial toll on most online media

companies, making it all the more crucial for them to shore up profits

with for-pay services. In addition to touting its small business

services, Yahoo has also said that it would seek to broaden its revenue

base with expanded Yahoo Finance offerings.

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