Shutdown and reboot Windows servers - remotely

In a recent column I reviewed using a utility called PSExec in

combination with the Windows 2000 Resource Kit utility "shutdown.exe".

This week we look at the shutdown.exe utility and how it is used.

Shutdown.exe is a utility included in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit that

allows you to locally or remotely shutdown or restart a Windows 2000 or

Windows NT 4.0 server or workstation.

The syntax for the shutdown.exe utility is:

SHUTDOWN [/?] [\\Computer] [/L] [/A] [/R] [/T:xx] ["Msg"] [/Y] [/C]

To shutdown a machine named SERVER01, all you need to do is type:

SHUTDOWN \\SERVER01 /R /T:30 "Please logoff. System is being


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