VBScript - Commenting your code

Last week, we showed you how to retrieve arguments from the command

line. This week we examine commenting code.

It is important to comment your code, not only for your benefit but also

for others that you share your code with. If you have not noticed, most

of the sample programs I have developed for you have not had many

comments. The reasons I did not comment the code was because of space

considerations and since I was already explaining the code in question.

However, you may not be around to show the next person that uses your

code why you did something, or what a particular code segment within

your program is supposed to do.

Commenting your code is very easy and can be accomplished by simply

putting an apostrophe ' in front of any line of code within your


For example, the following line is NOT commented:

For i = 0 to (WScript.Arguments.Count - 1)

However, the next line IS commented:

'For i = 0 to (WScript.Arguments.Count - 1)

The only difference is the apostrophe at the beginning of the line. The

apostrophe can occur anywhere within your line of code, for example:

For i = 0 to (WScript.Arguments.Count - 1) 'Beginning of my For...Next


In the above example, we placed our comment after our line of code. It

is usually based upon preference whether or not you place your comment

at the beginning of the line or after a line of code.

When I write functions or procedures, I will usually preface the code

with a description of the function, and what kind of input (if any) that

the function expects. This makes it easy for me to re-use my code in

other programs.

See you next week when we begin a discussion on functions and procedures

within VBScript.

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