Determine directory resource usage with diruse.exe

Recently we needed to identify home directories on our file servers that

exceeded expected usage guidelines. Our servers are structured in such a

way that all of the home directories are named the same as the owner's

username. As a result, once we identify how much disk space a particular

directory consumes, we can easily identify the data's owner and correct

the problem.

To accomplish this, we needed a utility that allowed us to query the

size of a single folder's contents as well as its corresponding

subdirectories. During our search, we discovered a resource kit utility

called diruse.exe, which allows an administrator to query folders on a

Windows server to get the the content size. This utility is part of the

Windows 2000 Resource Kit, and can be downloaded from Microsoft at:

The utility has a number of useful options available that make reporting

very easy. We used a command similar to the following:

diruse.exe" /* /M /, \\serverName\Share\

In my example, the subdirectories under the share are all of the user's

home directories and look like the following:




By running the utility, I get an output that looks similar to the


Size (mb) Files Directory

200.23 764 SUB-TOTAL: \\serverName\Share\username1\

253.32 7902 SUB-TOTAL: \\serverName\Share\username2\

153.70 838 SUB-TOTAL: \\serverName\Share\username3\

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