Project management - Change control - part 5

Previously, we discussed rules for breaking projects down into

manageable and trackable tasks to coordinate a Windows-related project.

This week, we look at change control.

Tracking and managing changes is critical to good project management. As

you begin to explore change control, and develop your own style, you may

find two tools helpful. These tools are the change request form and a

change procedure document.

Change request form:

The change request form captures, screens, prioritizes and evaluates

scope change requests. To get the best results, include only one change

per form, and provide only enough information so that the request can be

identified and tracked. Too much information will make the form overly

complicated and less useful. Download a sample change request form at:

Change procedure document:

A change procedure document outlines how to request and submit changes;

explains how changes are approved and what the responsibilities are of

the people who approve them. Without a change procedure document, team

members will come up with their own rules which only complicates the

project manager's job. Also include a brief description about how

disagreements are handled, and who has the ultimate authority to make

final decisions. This will save you a lot of headaches when a difference

of opinion occurs.

Well, that concludes the series on how to improve your project

management. See you next week when we discuss the console registry tool

for Windows.

Note: This information is based on Keane's Principles of Project

Management. For more information contact Keane at

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