Brainbench's new program adopts a new test naming system

Brainbench's New MVP Program Brainbench recently adopted a new test naming system that moves certification names from a role-based name (for example, MS Access 2000 Programmer) to a skills-based name (for example, MS Access 2000 Programming). The changes do not affect test content, but some certifications do not exist as they did before. For example, the C++ Programmer certification, which did include C++ and OO Concepts modules, is now offered as two separate certifications; C++, and OO Concepts. Existing certifications are still good.

Brainbench also now offers a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Program, which recognizes those test-takers who score in the top 2%. MVPs get

promoted on the Brainbench Web site and receive other incentives. In exchange, MVPs lend their insight to Brainbench test quality maintenance and participate in online discussion forums.

Brainbench, now a widely-recognized name in certification, has been offering free certifications, but the scuttlebutt now indicates that some time next year they

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