Simplify Your Pricing Options

Many Web storefronts make fatal mistakes displaying their prices. I

came across one of the worst examples lately and wanted to share it

with you. BellSouth Wireless Data owns a page that does almost

everything wrong.

Look over the page (but please, only spend more than a few minutes

doing so) from the perspective of someone wanting to equip their sales

force with pagers and trying determine to price out what the monthly

service plans will be. I maintain that it can't be done without calling

them and getting one of their sales people to help you wade through

this mess.

Now I don't mean to pick on them, but BellSouth should know better.

Several other wireless email Web sites offer just as vexing and

numerous pricing options (Skytel, GoAmerica, and Motient), and for that

matter, plenty of other confusing Web sites have nothing to do with

wireless email. But BellSouth

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