Getting More from Explorer's Details View

In Windows Explorer, you can view file information if you choose View

and Details. Explorer will now display the file size, the file type, and

the date modified; however, you can get much more information than this

in the Explorer Details view.

As an example, let's suppose that your My Pictures folder is filled with

digital photos that you've taken over a period of time. You can have

Explorer display the date and time the photo was taken. You can also add

the photo dimensions.

To get the extra photo information, run Windows Explorer and navigate to

you're my Pictures folder. Now, choose View and Details. Next,

right-click in the Details title bar and choose More to open the Choose

Details dialog box. At this point, you can select the details that you

need. Note that you can even select Camera Model, which is handy if you

have more than one digital camera and want to know which one you used

for a specific photograph.

After you select and deselect the appropriate check boxes, click OK to

close the dialog box and continue using Explorer.

This is an interesting option to play around with as the changes you

make only apply to the current folder. You'll probably want much

different information in your music folder than in your pictures folder.

Although Explorer in Windows 2000 offers additional options, it doesn't

offer the camera options that XP does. You'll find that many of the

other options are the same.

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