Windows 2000 Performance Tuning

Quicker Booting

If you use the Window 2000 Boot Manger, you know that the default time

setting for choosing an operating system is 30 seconds. Since no one

really needs 30 seconds to decide which of two or three systems to boot,

why not make the time shorter.

To set the menu time, right-click My Computer and choose Properties.

When the dialog box opens, click the Advanced tab and then click Startup

and Recovery. In Display list of operating systems for x seconds, set x

to the number of seconds to wait before booting the default system.

Click OK to exit the dialog box.

Use the same procedure to set the boot delay in Windows XP.

Playing Audio CDs

Reader Robert A. would like to point out that we no longer to attach a

cable to a CD drive to listen to CD audio. You can now simply tell

Windows 2000 (and XP) to enable digital audio. To do this, right-click

My Computer and choose Manage. When the Computer Management window

opens, click Device manager and then right-click the CD-ROM drive and

choose Properties.

When the drive Properties dialog box opens, click the Properties tab.

Select the check box labeled 'Enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM

device. Click OK to accept the new setting and close the dialog box. You

can now close the Computer Management window.

Thanks for the tip, Robert. Few of us will miss having to deal with that

audio cable.

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