Windows XP Boot Disks


Here is a question from reader Danny.

"I have XP Pro installed at the moment and I would like to format my

hard drive so that I can install 2000. Apart from hooking my drive

up as a slave to another PC, I've been told to boot from a floppy to

format, but the boot disk I make in XP does not contain format or

FDISK. XP disables the 2000 install when I boot from the Windows

2000 CD so any hints on how to format or how to get the boot disk I

need to do this would be appreciated."

First of all, I see no reason why you can't boot from the Windows 2000

disk and start from there. I tried this and was able to get all the way

to where I was prompted to format the disk. Sorry, but I declined to


If you need a boot disk that contains FDISK and FORMAT, you can create

one on a computer running Windows 98. As an alternative, you could

create a free (and legal) boot disk using FreeDOS. The FreeDOS boot disk

includes FDISK and FORMAT.

Note that you can't create NTFS partitions using either a Windows 98 or

a FreeDOS boot disk. You can delete an existing NTFS partition and

create a new FAT 32 partition. Then you can set the partition to NTFS

during Windows 2000/XP installation.

You can download the FreeDOS boot disk at Download

BTFDOSB7.EXE, open your Command prompt window, and navigate to the

directory that contains your FreeDOS file. Place a formatted floppy disk

in Drive A and type the following at the command prompt:


You've just created your boot floppy disk.

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