Send to Printer

Reader Morris B. poses this Windows 2000 question:

"I find Send To convenient for the destinations furnished, but how

do you add to the Send To menu? If possible, I would like to add my

laser printer."

You can add folders, printers, disk drives, and so on to the Send To

menu. Run Windows Explorer and locate your Send To menu. This will

appear under your profile. For example, mine is at C:\Documents and


With your Send To folder open, click Start, Settings, and Printers. Use

the right mouse button to drag your printer's icon to the Send To

window. Choose Create Shortcut(s) Here from the menu that appears when

you release the right mouse button.

You can add folders and drives to the Send To menu in the same manner.

For example, if you want to add an existing folder named Download to

your Send To menu, just open the menu as described above and then run

Windows Explorer and drag a shortcut of the folder to the Send To menu.

You can do the same with remote folders on your LAN.

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