Happy Trails

This newsletter ends the UNIX and Windows Integration saga. I hope that

this series has provided some small nuggets of help to those involved in

the thankless job of managing cross platform solutions.

As you go forward you will notice an increased sensitivity among vendors

to provide solutions that will make your jobs less tedious. Despite the

black eye given by the media to Microsoft for its heavy handedness, this

company offers an incredible array of technologies including Services

for UNIX 3.0. Another set of "good guys" in the field, the folks at MKS

offer their UNIX to Windows tool sets and development environment. On

the enterprise side, Computer Associates is doing all the right things

to make cross platform environment management a reality. Sun and IBM

have made noises about interoperability, but remain highly proprietary.

Take heart though, because the pressures of the marketplace demand that

all vendors deal with baseline and advanced system integration issues.

As for me, my new venture, Secure Logistix Corporation, is launching a

series of security risk assessment and enforcement products -- starting

with Secure Financial -- that we believe has great promise. Also look

for my next book to hit the shelves in a few weeks entitled, "The

Ultimate Windows .NET 2003 System Administrators Guide" (Addison

Wesley). And don't be surprised to find me back at ITworld.com on


Happy trails to you all .... Bob

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